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SEE-VET is a 24-month Erasmus + project that expects to improve VET Teachers' and Students' emotional and social literacy, as well as self-awareness, empathy, resilience, and assertiveness. Under the five SEE lenses, SEE-VET will favorably influence VET teachers’ professional growth, will help them develop their own set of skills while supporting their student's social and emotional wellness, and foster students' proactive attitude toward the VET system.

The main objectives of the SEE-VET project are:
a) To help VET Professionals to Understand and implement the Social and Emotional Education (SEE) framework
b) to create a repository to help VET Professionals Experience a SEE environment first-hand and continue generating a culture of SEE in their own institutions.
c) to provide VET teachers with innovative knowledge and competencies on how to increase their students' motivation to learn, practice, and work;
d) to contribute to increasing achievement levels among VET students

Our Course Modules

SEE-VET Modules

  • Self-awareness
  • Self-management
  • Social awareness
  • Relationship skills
  • Making responsible decisions

  • Fluency in both verbal and nonverbal communication
  • Knowledge of social norms and roles
  • Active listening
  • Understanding how other people's emotions work
  • Effectively playing social roles
  • Self-Image and impression management

  • Mindfulness in Schools and Healthy Boundaries for Better Relationships
  • Obstacles as opportunities and other components of resilience
  • Facilitating constructive conflict resolution using SEE

  • Bringing SEE to families and the greater community
  • Create your own path to SEE
  • Share and compare with course mates
  • Community building activities

About SEE-VET Courses

Social and Emotional Education (SEE) for VET Professionals

With SEE-VET training, participants receive a more nuanced appreciation for the significance of SEE and the measures necessary to apply it through the lens of the Social Emotional Education Competencies (SEEC). VET professionals’ S&EQ improve as they get a better understanding of themselves and others via the course's hands-on exercises and discussions. VET professionals be able to undertake SEE activities and be a SEE educator if they are equipped with concrete skills and methods for conflict management, stress reduction, and resilience.

SEE-VET Project Logo

A credential is a documented statement containing claims about a person issued by an educational organisation following a learning experience. The European Commission is developing the European Digital Credentials Infrastructure (EDCI) to support efficiency and security in how credentials such as qualifications and other learning achievements can be recognised across Europe.

Utilising digital credentials in SEE-VET courses can bring numerous advantages for teachers!

Time Efficiency

Digital credentials streamline the verification process, saving teachers valuable time. Instead of manually verifying paper certificates, teachers can quickly authenticate SEE-VET achievements, allowing them to focus more on facilitating effective social and emotional learning experiences for their students.

Enhanced Credibility

Digital credentials, signed with e-Seals, carry a legal presumption of authenticity. This will enhance the credibility of SEE-VET qualifications, providing teachers with a reliable and trusted method for validating their achievements. This, in turn, contributes to the overall reputation of the SEE-VET program.

Comprehensive Insights

Credentials will include detailed information about teachers' achievements in taking the SEE vET training.

Recognition Across Europe

Integration with the European Digital Credentials (EDCI) ensures that the SEE-VET training pathway is recognised not only locally but also across Europe. This recognition can open up opportunities for collaboration, exchange programs, and the sharing of best practices among educators from different regions.

Integration with ESCO database

This will enhance the benefits for teachers in applying digital credentials, providing a standardised and interoperable framework across Europe. By aligning SEE-VET digital credentials with the ESCO database, all competencies and knowledge recognised will belong to a broader ecosystem that facilitates the recognition and understanding of social and emotional learning achievements.


News about SEE-VET

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Social and Emotional Education (SEE) for VET Professionals


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